The 9th and 10th Grade classes will be taking a field trip to Nashville on Friday, April 29th. Students will see the Parthenon and the sculptures reinforcing the work in ancient Greek history. Students will be leaving the school at approximately 8:00am and return to school at 7:00pm . Students need to wear their red CLA polo shirts and khaki bottoms.

Beginning Monday, May 2nd, tuition is due. We will be sending out the May tuition statements and this will be your final payment for the 2015-2016 school year. Any balances left unpaid by the end of the school year, May 20th, will result in a hold on your student(s) report cards, transcripts and any enrollment for the upcoming school year. If you have any questions concerning your balance, contact the school office.

Please remember all lunch orders have to be purchased by Friday of the previous week by 9:00 a.m.       This week’s menu is as follows:

  • Monday 05/02 – Tacos, Mexi Rice, Refried Beans,Fruit Bites
  • Tuesday 05/03 – Spaghetti, Salad, Corn, Cookies
  • Wednesday 05/04 – EMERGENCY DAY – Hot Dogs, Chips, Dessert
  • Thursday 05/05 – CLA Pizza Day (Donation)
  • Friday 05/06 – NO HOT LUNCH SERVED

If you have any questions please contact Ruthie with Kat a Ru at (423) 252-0242.

CLA’s Chapel for this week will be on Wednesday, May 4th at 8:30am. This will be an all together Chapel for Emergency Day. We invite all of our Emergency Day workers to join us for a “Welcome” service. Our guest speaker this year will be Mr. Tyler Johnson.

Tyler is a graduate of Tennessee Weslyan College with a BS in Criminal Justice with emphasis in Forensic Investigations. He currently serves as an AEMT for AMR and Bradley County EMS and works for the Englewood Police Department.

Tyler has a testimony that stands above what one may think. He is 24 years old and very active with the emergency profession. He is young, healthy and enjoys life with his family and friends.

Tyler was at work back in early March at the Ambulance station when he suddenly collapsed with no heartbeat. Immediate action took place that ultimately saved his life by those with whom he serves this duty with every day. He was rushed to the hospital where he, over the days, had tests, heart caths, etc ran to find what actually caused this to happen. Tyler at the age of 24 ended up having a quadruple heart bypass.

Tyler serves our community by always being ready and available to answer those calls of help whatever they may be. He has volunteered here at CLA with our annual Emergency Day for years. While serving and teaching others about saving lives and being ready and willing, who would have thought it would be he that would be on the receiving end at this young age.

Tyler has since got back home and is continuing to recover daily. He is anxious to get back to the job he loves. He has graciously agreed to come share his experience with CLA at our 7th Annual Emergency Day.

While we are always thankful for all that our emergency workers do on a regular basis it is hard to understand putting those practices into action on each other. A quote that was made about Tyler’s experience sums up the feelings that go through the minds of those who do this every day…

“We step into this profession with the love of life and commitment to help other in their worst times, never imagining that it would ever be one of our own! ……… McMinn County is truly blessed with an amazing group of emergency workers! ……. these guys are awesome and they are true heroes!!! ……….. Last night they truly saved one of our own!!! I thank God above for allowing us to keep him with us longer!”

We want to take the time set aside for Emergency Day to thank these who have graciously agreed to volunteer to come out and help us make this happen. We want our families and students to be given the opportunity to get information that could possibly not only help them in a time of need but could help someone else.

Emergency Day is when we will be having representatives from different emergency agency’s here on campus. So far, we will be having representatives from McMinn County Sheriff’s Department, Clearwater and McMinn Rural Fire Departments, McMinn Rescue Squad, LifeStar, AMR, and, TBI, Forestry, East TN Children’s Hospital and many more. We have tried to include everyone we can think of in the emergency profession. We have stations set up for each department so the students can ask questions and some departments have different activities the students can participate in. This is an all day, outside event. Students and families are able to get up close and personal to a lot of emergency equipment and experience how it all works and who does what in the case of an emergency. They get to look inside the vehicles, crawl in and out of obstacle courses, maze trailers, mock wrecks, etc.

We have had a gracious donor volunteer to purchase the school pizza on Thursday, May 5th. Students will have their choice of cheese or pepperoni with a drink. We appreciate this gift to the school at such a busy and time consuming time.

Re Enrollment has now been opened for the 2016-2017 school year. Applications and re enrollment are now on a first come, first serve basis.

Saturday, May 7th, CLA will be hosting the 1st Annual Block Party in Market Square, Downtown Athens. This will be a  Spring school fundraiser. There will be a 5K Run/Walk beginning at 8:00am with a Pancake Breakfast. The day will consist of games, food, fun, live entertainment and a silent auction at the end of the day from local donors. If anyone is interested in participating  in this event as a 5K  participant or a booth vendor, please visit the website under 5K and Vendor Info. We look forward to  a very fun filled day!

We now have pancake tickets ($5) and the regular event tickets!  Feel free to stop buy and purchase yours when it is convenient for you.  We will be set up in the Welcome Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays from now until the BLOCK PARTY for the presale items.  Presale tickets are sold 50 for $45 and 100 for $90.
If you have not signed up to volunteer for this you can still do so via our website. This is a huge undertaking and we need your help! We want to be a light to our community.

For those that are interested in registering for a May 7th Vendor Booth at the CLA Block Party, you can now do this online via our website. We are looking forward to a great day and a successful Block Party….

For those that are interested in registering for our May 7th 5K Run, you can now do this online via our website. We are looking forward to a great day and a successful 5K Run….

Thursday May, 12th the 5th grade class will be taking a field trip to Loudon State Park for a field trip. The students have been studying colonial life in America and will visit the fort to see what daily life was like from 1756-1760. Students will leave the school at approximately 8:30 am and return to the school dismissal. Students are to wear their red CLA polo and denim bottoms.

The last day of school is Friday, May 20th. The Summer is quickly coming. It will be here before we know it. Please be watching your emails for more information on end of the year events coming up.

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