He had a frustrated look that I had seen time and time again. With the weight of an organization on his shoulders and a simultaneously deep need in the company, he lamented, “We have jobs. We pay well. But we cannot find anyone who wants to work or who can pass the drug test.” With that he began to tell an all too familiar story.

I say “all too familiar” because I have heard it over and over for the past seven years. Good companies offering good jobs for good pay cannot find good candidates. Somewhere there is a breakdown that must be fixed if McMinn, Meigs, and Monroe counties are going to thrive.

Part of the problem, I believe, is a limited view of education. Education is training, so we must stop and ask ourselves, “What are we training our students to do?” More importantly we must also ask,  “Who are we training them to be?”

Oftentimes, I fear, we expend all our energy to develop one aspect of the person, namely, the intellect. That is, after all, what we evaluate (and evaluate and evaluate). But what are we doing to develop character? What is our plan to develop work ethic?
At Christ’s Legacy academy, we aim to provide a whole-person education. Yes, we want every child to develop academically, but that is not all we want. We also want children to develop spiritually.  That is, we want them to have an authentic and vibrant relationship with Christ that shapes all of life. We also want students to develop socially, to learn how to work with others and to employ God’s strategies for healthy relationships. We believe in being intentional about training the whole person, because we want to fill our area with quality people who do quality work so that the “all too familiar” frustrated look is transformed to a look of fulfillment as employers find the workers they need to do the job they must.

We would like to invite you to join us. If you would like to find out more about us, go to our website at www.christslegacyacademy.org. Or give us a call at 423-649-0040. Let’s partner together and make our area better one child at a time.

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