It is amazing that an author can be relevant, thought provoking and deeply insightful one hundred years later. F.W. Boreham is one of the authors who has stood the test of time and is still a favorite of people like Ruth Graham, Billy Graham’s wife, or the Ravi Zacharias who is one of today’s most influential defenders of the Christian faith. Boreham’s works are beautifully written, cover a wide range of topics but always leads you to stand in awe of our Lord. If you have been following the Principal Blog you have probably noticed frequent quotes from F.W. Boreham. Today’s post is no exception. Here is a passage from Boreham’s Mountains in the Mist.

“We are all born analysts, and we quickly get to work. The passion for scientific investigation begins in the cradle. A child glories in taking things to pieces. He is always at it. He will take a clock to pieces to find the thing that is for ever ticking. He will take an instrument to pieces to find the music. He will take a flower to pieces to find the fragrance. He will take his mechanical toys to pieces to find what makes them go. He would take his mother to pieces, if he could, to find where all the love and sweetness come from. Those who have no eye for beauty will utter a lot of commonplace nonsense about his bump of destructiveness having been abnormally developed. It is not destructive at all. When he discovers that his investigation has destroyed the very thing that he was fondly investigating. He will weep over its ruin. Nothing was further from his thought. He is not a born iconoclast, but a born analyst. That is all” (182).

Science is often a destructive and messy field of work. However, as image bearers of God, we have a strong desire to understand the world around us. This analyzing leads to a deeper understanding of our Lord. As Romans 1:20a says, “For [God’s] invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made.” Amazingly, God reveals His power and nature to us through His creation by giving us the instinct to analyze His handiwork. Here at CLA, our goal is to take advantage of that instinct to lead students to a deeper knowledge of their Creator.



F.W. Boreham faithfully served the Lord for many years as a pastor in New Zealand. He was also a prolific writer with over 40 books to his name. His most famous works include; A Bunch of Everlastings, A Handful of Stars, A Casket of Cameos, A Faggot of Torches, and A Temple of Topaz


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