Today is the beginning of a new segment on the Principal Blog called Classical Quotes. Every Friday we will bring you a nugget of insight from the great minds of both the past and present.

Today’s quote comes from Chuck Colson. He served as Special Counsel to President Richard Nixon and pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice in the Watergate scandal. However, it was around that time that Chuck Colson became a born again believer and the impact his salvation had on his life is astounding. He became very active in prison ministries, became a prolific author and championed a biblical worldview. Before his death in 2012 he became an enthusiastic supporter of the classical Christian school movement. Here is what Chuck Colson had to say on the importance of a classical Christian education.

“I strongly support the Christian classical education movement that is beginning to spread across the country. It combines the two historic goals of a quality education

  1. The cultivation of knowledge
  2. The cultivation of character

It shows us the continuum in the intellectual history of the West that goes back to the Greco-Roman era and, therefore, enables us to better understand our own postmodern era. If we cut ourselves off from the past, we can’t understand the present. And it’s particularly critical, in my mind, for Christians to understand the philosophical and cultural currents that have shaped our society.”

– Chuck Colson

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