Here is an awesome little rant from N.D. Wilson when he spoke at ReformCon this year. His tone was dripping with sarcasm in a good way. Here is what he had to say to all of you who happen to have one of the most significant callings God gives to anyone, the calling of being a mother.

“I’m just a mom”


It’s my least favorite phrase in the English language.


“Oh, I’m just a mom…


I’m just… raising immortal souls… that’s all. I dunno, I’ve got these images of God here, they have to put things in their face and keep expanding.


I’m just a mom. They’re going to go to hell forever… or heaven, one of those. We’ll see.

It’s just up to me, how I project the Gospel to them, and teach them…


I’m just a mom.”


Gosh, I could go off about “just a mom”. It’s a whole different talk.


[Fathers], we are the blade on the snow plow. We are the blade of the axe. We’re meant to get used up. We’re meant to just beat, and beat, and beat, and go, and grind, and grind, and get dull, and eventually just break down and die.


And do you know why we’re meant to do this? So that people can be “just a mom” behind us, because the real job is raising the Imago Dei. The real job is raising up faithful worshippers and followers of the Son.


That’s the real job. We [fathers] are the outer bulwarks protecting that operation. That’s our job. The “just a mom” job, that’s the thing we live and die for. That’s the thing we protect.


We have this whole culture that tries to insult women when they’re actually doing phenomenal work.”


– N.D. Wilson


“There is nothing in the world of art like the songs mother used to sing.”

– Billy Sunday

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