What are you talking about? I ask, because the things that come out of our mouths reveal our hearts. I think this is why Jesus is ruthless when it comes to words. For example, after an extended argument against worry (Matthew 6:25-30), Jesus says, “Therefore do not be anxious saying . . .” Here Jesus is not just warning us about being anxious; he is warning us about saying anxious things. He commands that we stop asking anxious questions (What shall we eat? What shall we drink? What shall we wear?).

He supports the command with three reasons. First, anxious talk makes a believer no different from a non-believer. The Gentiles seek after all these things. As citizens of heaven, our values and longings should be different. Our peace should come from a different place. It is that difference that forms the second reason; namely, our Heavenly Father knows all our needs. God sees and knows what we need. He is neither uninformed nor unengaged. That is why Jesus tells us that we would be much better off seeking his will and walking in his ways (i.e. seeking first his kingdom) than spreading faithless anxiety through our talk. When we believe that, we are lead naturally to the third reason, which is: today has enough trouble without borrowing tomorrow’s trouble. In other words, as finite creatures we must live the day we have, because we might not get another. The path to peace is the path of daily living for God’s honor by seeking to please him today. If God gives us tomorrow, we will tackle that tomorrow. Right now I have enough to do. So I best get on with doing it.

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