There is incredible power in truth. When Christ taught His disciples to pray He did not waste His words but cut strait to the essence of how we should relate with the almighty God. As we have been meditating on the Lord’s Prayer in chapel, the significance of every word has become more and more apparent. We recently focused on the phrase, “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name…”

Countless times I have heard a prayer mindlessly started with the words, “Dear heavenly Fa- ther.” It almost becomes a mechanical routine to jumpstart the real prayer. However, it is hard to overstate the incredible truth found in this habitual repetition. How is it that we can call the all-powerful, all-knowing, sovereign God our Father? Yet, that is what Jesus taught us to do! In fact, “Father” could even be translated as “Daddy.” He is that loving, that personal, and that close. The implications of this relationship with our Father are too many to go into here but it is well worth the effort to explore.

Meditation on the truth of who God is and who we are in relation to Him invariably results in worship. Jesus teaches this natural progression with the next phrase, “..Hallowed be Your name…” God our Father is holy and He has a great name. In fact, studying the use of the differ- ent names of God throughout the Bible reveals fascinating characteristics of the God we wor- ship.

As we prayed through these truths, we were also challenged to address areas where we have a false view of God the Father or do not give God the worship He deserves. I give you a similar challenge.

Do you have proper view of God as your Father? Are there any lies about the Father that you need to reject?

Are you eager to worship God and to bring glory to His name? Is there anything that is more important or taking the place of God in your life?

We hope you will take the time to find a quiet place to pray through these issues in order to reject the lies you believe and to replace them with the truth. Our Father eagerly waits for us to approach his throne with boldness and you will not be disappointed when you do. He will work in your life.

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