Former Super Bowl Champion coach, Tony Dungy, is widely respected as a leader with a strong moral compass. Dungy is quick to say that much of training about life and leadership, he learned from his parents. And he also quick to illustrate this with a story about this training.

When he was young, Tony’s father took him to see a local basketball team in Michigan who was widely known for their legendary winning streaks. Because of their success, their coach Loften Green reached a sort of celebrity status.

Eagerly, the Dungy family loaded up and headed to the game because his dad wanted Tony to see Coach Green in action. The game itself was pretty predictable. Green’s team won. As they drove home, Tony’s dad asked, “What did you think?’ He responded, “It was o.k.” His dad then asked, “What did you think of Coach Green?” “I really was not that impressed,” he answered. He then explained, “He just sat there the whole game. Yes, he did get up and talk to them during time-outs, but otherwise he just sat there. I expected him to be coaching and yelling and talking, but he just sat there.” Hearing this, his dad responded with words of uncanny wisdom. He said, “When you have prepared the class, you do not have to talk through the test.”

Tony understood what his dad meant. When you train and empower people, you do not have to talk through the test because they can handle it.

When I heard that story, I was reminded (I believe reminded by God) that this is what we are doing at CLA. Our program is about more than checking off some boxes and jumping through some hoops. We are here to train and empower the next generation so that we do not have to talk through the test.

Our goal is to arm them with convictions that are big enough and deep enough to handle life. We are here to shape their character so that they live out those convictions consistently. We are here to train them in competence so that whatever field God places them in, they will be difference makers who do their jobs well.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot think of a more exciting thing to be a part of.

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