Below are some parent testimonies about why parents are still choosing CLA for their students:

We believe in an extraordinary Father who does extraordinary things! CLA is “extraordinary” because of God’s hand. Our family filters our everyday lives through God’s word and our child’s education is no exception to that filter. Our daughter is challenged academically, fed spiritually, loved wholeheartedly and we couldn’t ask for more at Christ’s Legacy Academy!

Wylie & Lindsay Richardson

John and I chose CLA because we felt like it was a great extension of what we do at home with our daughter.  We are raising a caring, thoughtful little girl who wants to help others and CLA shares that vision. We’re also attracted to the small class size, the highly qualified staff and the family-like atmosphere at the school.  We are so appreciative for what is presented in the classroom!  Families and staff at CLA share our Christian values and that means so much because we are trusting them with our precious daughter.

Kim Riddle

“When considering the options to educate our boys, we felt very strongly about the type of environment and curriculum we wanted to provide for them. Christ’s Legacy Academy (CLA) is a direct extension of our parental views on how we want our children to be educated – in a loving, Christ-centered environment with a challenging curriculum aligned with biblical principles. We are in our second year with CLA and are extremely pleased with the level of personal commitment their teachers, the staff and the student body take in our boys’ personal and academic development. “

Lane and Anne Partain

I believe God chose CLA for us.  We knew our community had some wonderful public schools and our kids were fine in that setting.  In 2009 we attended a banquet hosted by CLA.  As we listened about Classical Christian education, we both felt God calling us in a different direction than just attending the banquet.  CLA was God’s will for our family!  Our children find the curriculum challenging, but the teaching techniques prevents them from feeling frustrated.  I never worry about the care, love or well being of my children.  I know our staff is focused on our kids with the small classroom size and staff that truly love their job.

Heather S. Lingerfelt
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