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During this time of the year when parents are planning summer vacation, teachers are winding down, and students have a bad case of summer fever, preparing for fall semester may be the last thing on your mind. However, most colleges and private schools are registering now.

Here are just a few practical reasons why Christ’s Legacy Academy in Athens, TN may be the right choice for your student.

1. Classical Education

Thoroughly defining classical education can be daunting. However, let me give you two key components:

A. It teaches kids what they need when they’re ready for it.

In GRAMMAR stage (grades K-6), our children are learning language and their minds are apt to memorizing poems, Scriptures, songs, anything really. Classical education takes advantage of that and crams as much information into their fertile minds, so that they can synthesize at a later time.

The LOGIC stage (middle school) takes advantage of young teenagers who love to challenge every assumption. This phase teaches students how to argue well and to argue FOR the truth.

In the RHETORIC stage (high school,) students yearn to express themselves with passion, and they learn the art of persuasive speech and writing.

B. It teaches classic literature.

In 2013 CNN wrote an article entitled Classical Schools Put Plato over iPad. The author praises the methods of classical education and says, “They generally aim to cultivate wisdom and virtue through teaching students Latin, exposing them to great books of Western civilization and focusing on appreciation of ‘truth, goodness, and beauty.’”

In addition, great reformers such as Martin Luther and John Calvin were proponents of what we call classical education.

2. Small Class Size

A small class size means more one-on-one time for your student. We can all agree that each student learns at a different rate. In order to adequately train a child, they need individual, relational time with the teacher.

At CLA it’s difficult for students to hide or get left behind. Each student has a voice and isn’t drowned out by a mass of students. In addition, it’s a greater opportunity to develop lasting community among their peers.

Currently, the student teacher ratio for CLA is 8:1.

3. Passion for Teaching

The teachers are fantastic. These highly trained professionals are sacrificially giving their time and resources to make the school great. You can tell that they are passionate about teaching and passionate about the school.

At the beginning of the year, every teacher signed a leadership covenant, willingly binding themselves to a higher standard.

4. Family Atmosphere

CLA is built on a partnership model. “The discipleship and education of a child is a parent’s responsibility,” says Dr. Shane Arnold, Head of School. “We see ourselves as servants that come along side parents to help get that job done. We want to make sure that what’s talked about in the classroom is not in conflict with what’s talked about in the living room.”

The school values parent input and involvement, and they put a high priority on communication between the home and school. Parents are welcome in the classroom, even to join their child for lunch anytime they want. Really, it’s an open door.

5. Inexpensive

No doubt running a school is expensive. However, CLA has strived to keep expenses low. There is a careful balance between number of students, cost of tuition, and scholarships.

Currently Christ’s Legacy Academy does not have its own building, but the commitment to students has superseded that goal. CLA has given nearly $1 million in scholarships to families who couldn’t otherwise afford it. That’s enough money to build a school. Instead they chose to invest in student’s lives.

CLA wants to keep this quality Christian education affordable. Tuition for 2017-2018 school year is $4995. However, 42% of students receive some sort of tuition assistance.

6. Athletics

For a small school, CLA has a thriving athletics program. With so many experienced parents willing to help (see point #4), the school has been aggressively adding programs every year. With archery as the first, they’ve since added, basketball, golf, and cross-country.
The high school girls even signed a petition to play volleyball, which will begin in the fall.

7. Unapologetically Christian

In an effort to excel in one particular area, many schools have abandoned either their commitment to academic excellence or loosened their faith-based model. CLA strives–really strives–to maintain the commitment to both. It’s an effort to keep education holistic.

“We’re trying to build a unified way of seeing the world,” continued Dr. Arnold. “The Christian faith necessitates that we strive for excellence.”

Christ’s Legacy Academy holds their vision within their name. Arnold concludes, “We’re investing in something that will outlast us and truly leave a legacy.”

And I would add, “In Christ’s name.”

Still not convinced? Check out the video, read the mission statement, or better yet, schedule an appointment to visit a class. You won’t be disappointed!

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