The look on his face let me know the scene was still all too real. I was at a conference listening to a gifted writer and speaker tell his story. He talked with great admiration as he spoke of his father. You could almost see his face light up as he talked of laughing and living in his father’s household.

Then he got serious. He spoke of how his father was not afraid of the darkness. He believed Biblical truth was just that—truth. So he embraced the truth, spoke the truth, and responded to challenges to the truth.

That last point was particularly poignant. His dad has quite a reputation for engaging lost and often hostile people with the Gospel. He is known to speak in universities to crowds of tolerate people who become quite intolerant when you speak about biblical sexuality.

I was captured as I listened to a son describe his father in one such setting, a setting where he had to ask the moderator to call the police before the event began. As his father spoke, the son remembered one man shouting until his face was purple. He remembered seeing veins surge from his neck as he shouted all sorts of 4-letter invectives toward this his dad. He remembered the protester’s arms shaking while holding a sign that said, “No hate here,” a dramatic picture of hypocrisy.

Seeing that he could not unnerve the speaker, he shouted, “It’s alright, because we will have your children.”

“We will have your children.”

Those words hung in the air with such force that I could not concentrate on the rest of the message for I could hear the voice of Satan. As morality becomes more confused, Satan laughs, “I will have your children.” As homes break up so that 1 out of every 6 kids experiences the trauma and countless kids grow up without a father, Satan rubs his hands saying, “I will have your children.” As perversion becomes so politically correct that it becomes mandated teaching, Satan’s eyes light up, “We will have your children.”

Yet, there is a generation who is rising with subversive joy to say, “You cannot have our children.” We will fight your lies with God’s truth. We will push back the darkness with light. We will cling to the God who cannot fail. Instead of having our children, you will feel the piercing pain inflicted by those children as they go forth in the name of Christ. “Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth (Palm 127:4).”

I am so honored to work with some of these parents and families every day. God bless them as they fight back with joy. And God bless our work as we try our best to help them in this task.

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