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Keeping Score

For some time, I have wondered if part of the problem with the contemporary church is the scorecard we keep. What if counting nickels and noses is not the goal? That is why I found the following questions from Mike Cosper in his fascinating podcast series, The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, so thought provoking.

Maybe instead of counting Sunday attendance for one year, we count hospital visits, visits to the homebound, meals cooked for those who are suffering, and funerals attended? What would it look like for the church to embrace all the small ways we can offer those who feel rootless, restless, and alone, a sense of belonging?

At the very least, this is a reminder to me that people matter, especially in any type of Christian ministry. People matter to God, and they should matter to us. They are not tools to be used, but eternal souls to be cared for.

In the hustle and bustle of our busy ministry, may we never lose sight of this vital truth.

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