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Announcements (Updated 11/14):

  • 11/21 - Upper School House Day

  • 11/22 - Half Day

  • 11/21 & 11/22 - Dress Down Days!

  • 11/23-25 - Thanksgiving Break

  • 11/28-12/2 - Upper School Musical Auditions

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Classical Christian Education

Classical Christian education is an approach to learning that emphasizes biblical teachings, focuses on the classical liberal arts, and progresses through rigorous curriculum that compliments the natural way children grow and process information.  It incorporates a teaching model from the classical education movement known as the Trivium, consisting of three parts:

Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric

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Kindergarten through 5th Grade

The student learns the basic skills of reading, writing, and mathematics.  Children K - 5th grades are naturally good at memorization, and the grammar stage takes full advantage of this fact.  This forms the foundation from which all other subjects can be approached.

End Result: 

Student becomes knowledgeable.


6th through 8th Grade

The student studies formal logic and argumentation. Students 6th - 8th grades have a natural argumentative tendency, which if properly channeled, will enable children to think and draw their own conclusions based on facts.

End Result:

Student becomes a thinker.


9th through 12th Grade

The student learns how to give expression to thoughts. In the high school years, self-expression is very important. The student who is classically trained will be able to communicate their thoughts with eloquence and clarity.

End Result:

Student becomes articulate.


Parental Involvement

At CLA, we welcome parental involvement in each child's education.

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Rigorous Curriculum

Our curriculum helps students achieve a life-long love of learning

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Qualified Teachers

Our teachers are certified through ACSI and are required to meet stringent standards of excellence.

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Student Development

Students grow holistically - mentally, spiritually, and physically through academics, worship, and extra-curricular activities 

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CLA's Business of the Week

This week's business of the week is Jake Miller Excavating & Hauling, LLC, a $2000 Benefactor and also a part of our CLA family. Thank you for your continued generous support and making it possible to continue to "Grow Great Lives Here!"

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