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Tuition and Fees

There are four objectives/principles that are central to determine how tuition is calculated:

  1. Keep tuition as low as possible

  2. Consider Teacher compensation

  3. Cover all operational expenses with tuition

  4. Wrap all costs into a single tuition fee

Christ's Legacy Academy is accepting donations, but the school desires to not depend on any donations to help cover operations. Also, we will not use tuition income to cover anything but the "Operational Budget". This is vital to keeping tuition as low and as affordable as possible.

2024-2025 Annual Tuition

Kindergarten Introductory Price:

$300 per month for 12 months ($3600)

1st Grade Through 12th Grade:
$5900 per school year


Payment Options:

  • Yearly - Full payment is due August 5th

  • Semi-Annually - 1st half payment is due August 5th, and 2nd half payment is due January 5th

  • Quarterly - Payment is due on the 5th at the beginning of each quarter - August 5th, October 5th, January 5th, and April 5th

  • School Monthly Payments - Due on the 5th of each month we're in school (10 installments - August through May)


** There will be a $25 late fee for any payment received after the 5th of each month as per school policy​

Previous Tuition:
  • 2023-2024 Annual Tuition - $6025
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