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Expected Student Outcomes

Students who graduate from
Christ's Legacy Academy will:

Grow Spiritually

  • By committing to and developing a personal relationship with God through Christ.

  • By committing to know, understand and apply God's word practically in all areas of life.

  • By committing to finding, developing and using their gifts and talents to serve others.

  • By committing to the practice of servant leadership in the home, church and community.

  • By committing to building up the body of Christ through the local church involvement.

Grow Academically

  • By mastering skills in reading, writing, persuasive communication, mathematics, science and history.

  • By developing the ability to analyze, synthesize and apply knowing from various subjects from a biblical perspective.

  • By learning to think deeply and creatively across disciplines.

  • By demonstrating independent study habits and organizational skills.


Grow Socially

  • By respecting human life and human dignity built on an understanding of human beings as creatures made in God’s image.

  • By developing a relationship with God that shapes one’s relationships with others.

  • By demonstrating the fruit of the Spirit in all personal interactions.

  • By leaving a multi-generational legacy though a commitment to build godly families. 

Grow Missionally

  • By living as a witness vocationally through a godly work ethic.

  • By meeting practical needs of fellow human beings.

  • By supporting God’s global purposes through giving and/or going to the nations with the gospel.

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