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Employment Opportunities

As we expand, we are always looking for applicants who have a passion for working with families to both educate and disciple the next generation.

If you're interested in employment at CLA, please simply send your resume to

We are currently looking for applicants who are specifically interested in teaching. Specific job descriptions for teachers will be updated as the need changes.

Grammar School Teachers

625 South Matlock Avenue, Athens, TN, USA

Logic/Rhetoric Teachers (7th through 12th grades)

625 South Matlock Avenue, Athens, TN, USA

Part-Time Substitute Teachers

625 S Matlock Ave, Athens, TN 37303, USA

Employment Process

Want to work at CLA?
We welcome anyone who wants to apply to be a part of the CLA family of faculty and staff.  Contact us for more information! Send your resume to

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