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The Full Story

Our History

In February 2009, five couples from various walks of life came together to discuss a common vision—to see a Classical Christian school formed in McMinn County. They were inspired to bless the area by expanding the available educational options by providing a Christian alternative to public schooling. With this vision burning in their hearts, the group felt led of the Lord to set an aggressive goal of opening a school in the same calendar year. By God’s grace this goal was met, and Christ Legacy Academy opened its doors that August.

CLA is the product of a dream; a dream to wed vibrant spirituality with academic excellence. The founders were challenged by what they believed was a false dichotomy expressed by many skeptics. On one hand, many believed that kids needed a safer environment to learn; one where the morals of the family would be reinforced by the school. On the other hand, many believed that kids needed a place where they could be pushed academically, and be better prepared for the future. The founders believed that parents should not have to make a choice between the two. So, they set out to provide both through the ministry of CLA.

Through the summer of 2009, the board, which consisted of the original couples, secured a place for the school to meet. After meeting with several local churches, Clearwater Baptist church agreed to allow CLA to use their building. Renovation began immediately to bring the building up to fire code. Currently CLA’s campus is in Athens, TN, in a newly constructed facility off of Matlock Ave. This big step in CLA's history now allows for significant growth and educational advancements for our students in the classroom.

Also in 2009, the board along with selected advisors, hired the school’s first Headmaster, and shortly thereafter, the faculty.  A series of informational meetings where held in the city of Athens to spread the vision and recruit to families.

When the doors at CLA were opened, there were 17 students in grades K through 8th. Over the next few years growth continued at a modest pace. As we grew, we bought and paid for (by God's blessing!) a new building to accommodate our growth. We heard God's call and created the THRIVE program to meet all educational needs; we added a thriving, successful Athletics program featuring several sports; we developed a Fine Arts program to showcase student talents with varied performances; we created several new programs, including Agriculture and Foreign Language. CLA has grown to 160+ students and a staff of over 20 full and part time employees. With the continued increase of students and faculty, two new modular classrooms were built, a greenhouse was constructed, and a full length basketball court was paved behind the school building. God has called CLA for such a time as this.

Students at CLA receive a well-rounded education. They are challenged to grow academically through a study program that includes Bible, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Creative Arts, and Agriculture. They are challenged to grow spiritually through worship together in designated times of chapel. They are challenged to grow missionally with an increasing number of opportunities to express their faith in acts of service to the community. They are challenged to grow socially in their relationships with parents, teachers and peers. All of this happens under the supervision of a God-called faculty and staff who provide spiritual direction in a loving environment.

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