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3 Reasons to Consider a CLA Education

  1. We need leaders. In a world full of followers, we need people who are willing to step out and step up. We need people who are willing to lead. At CLA we have developed a strength-based, time-tested, and leader focused program to equip the next generation of Kingdom leaders.

  2. We need leaders with conviction. Leaders should not drift like a leaf in a stream. Instead, they must charge forward, filled with deeply held beliefs that give shape and substance to their leadership. At CLA our program is designed to give students deep and substantive convictions drawn straight from the Bible.

  3. We need leaders with a strong moral compass. Never have we seen such a time of moral confusion. The new sexual revolution is leaving a generation of people confused and empty. We need a generation of leaders who will bring a sense of moral clarity to confusing times. And such clarity can only come through a consistent Christian worldview. Thus, at CLA, we have a clear focus on instilling such a worldview into our students that they may bring moral clarity in the days to come.

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