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A Private School for the Common People

by Dr. Shane Arnold

Getting a private education does not have to mean what you think it means. 


To many people, a private school education means wearing a pastel sweater tied around your shoulders.  Often when people think about a private education, they think elitist, stuffy, and reserved for the uber-rich. 


But that doesn’t have to be the case.  At Christ’s Legacy Academy, we believe a rich Christian, Classical education can be elite without being elitist.


Our parents are not stuffy, they are sacrificial - giving up vacations, cars, and all sorts of things to give their children what they did not have.  They are voluntarily double taxed, paying a tuition while also paying taxes for a public system they do not use.  (Please, someone explain to me how this makes sense in a “free” nation).


Our students are not preppy, they are just prepared - prepared to speak the truth, defend the truth, and live the truth. 


Moreover, our students are learning to be free men and women.  We teach liberal arts.  Liberal does not denote a political bend.  That phrase literally means the “freeing” arts.  We are educating free people who know how to think for themselves and thus, they are nobody's sheep!

Our teachers are not entitled, they are engaged - investing time, talents, and energy to work with families in the shaping of a human soul.


We teach students to work with their hands (and yes that means getting them dirty).  We teach our students that you get what you earn.  So, if you want new basketball uniforms, figure out a way to pay for them. 

Our school charges below cost to give families an opportunity to have this kind of education.  We also provide tuition assistance to over 40% of our families.


Christ’s Legacy Academy is not like the private schools you see on T.V.  We are a private school for common people.


You should come see the difference.

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