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Coming Full Circle

Last week, Leadership McMinn, the Chamber of Commerce sponsored group, visited Christ's Legacy Academy on their tour of local schools. Ms. Key gave the following speech to those in attendance, and we wanted to share it with you!

Approximately 4 years ago, I stood in this same building and spoke to this very same group of people. I expressed to you all how much I loved Christ’s Legacy Academy. And I have to say, in

just four years’ time, my love for this school has only grown exponentially.

When I spoke to you last, I was a high school senior preparing to set foot out in the real-world. I mentioned to you all the things that set CLA apart from other schools, the skills I had learned throughout the course of my academic career, and the sacrifices that my teachers made daily on my behalf and on behalf of the student body.

As a result, I can easily recall numerous experiences I had as a student that fueled my love for learning. In fact, I cannot recall a time that walking these halls or participating in the classroom did not bring me a moment of joy or excitement. Just the other day, I was reminded by a colleague and former teacher of a time when my classmates and I made a music video about Ancient Mesopotamia. We had so much fun putting it together. But let me just say, I hope that that video has been magically erased because I think my classmates and I would agree that our 7th grade selves were quite cringy and embarrassing. But to this day, I could still probably recite every historical fact from that song.

My experience as a student was nothing short of a blessing. At just 11 years old, my parents took a chance and decided to send me to CLA. It was that sacrifice, an act of faithfulness unto the Lord, that allows me to stand in front you today.

Now, I have the privilege of standing in front of you as a faculty member and teacher of Mathematics for Grades 8-12.

I am sure that you would assume that I returned to CLA for the many reasons I just stated. However, that is only partially true. Not only did I return to CLA to give students the same kind of education I had, but, by the grace of God, I hope to give them even more.

My hope is that these students don’t just see math as another subject. My hope is that my students begin to appreciate the study of mathematics as a way to better understand the God that we serve.

That is why, in the math classroom, we are engaging in tasks and activities that require

problem-solving skills and challenge us to think outside the box. And at the end of the day, we step back, having given our best effort, and stand in awe of the God who holds it all together.

It is truly a gift to do the thing you love most with people who feel like family.

Having been a student and now a teacher for the past few months, I can say with confidence that God is continuing to do great things here at CLA, and I am absolutely humbled to be a part of it.

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