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Preparing Your Children for Life's Struggles

by Dr. Shane Arnold

Many years ago, I helped a friend of mine move. You know how it is. If you live somewhere long enough, you accumulate stuff. You have no idea how much stuff until you decide to move.

When I arrived, my friend’s wife was overwhelmed. Everywhere she turned, there were boxes. Everyone who spoke asked a question. The cycle continued until she reached a breaking point where she just sat down and shut down.

I see something of this dynamic in the lives of many young people. Information is coming quickly. Important decisions need to be made. New morality codes are confusing as traditional/biblical categories are under assault.

It is overwhelming, and when we feel overwhelmed, we often feel helpless.

But it doesn’t have to be that way for your child.

A few short years ago, the Association of Classical Christian Schools commissioned a study in partnership with the University of Notre Dame. They wanted to see how ACCS students faired after graduation. Did ACCS graduates feel overwhelmed and helpless? Absolutely not!

As you can see, while graduates from other types of education felt helpless, ACCS graduates were equipped and empowered, ready to take on the challenges before them.

At Christ’s Legacy Academy, we are happy to be a part of a movement that equips students to engage the world. We don’t want another generation who cannot stand up to life’s pressures. We want them to have the grit it takes to impact the world for Christ.

Give your child that gift today! Call us at 423-649-0040, and start your child’s journey from helpless to empowered today.

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