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The Train That Took Me Nowhere

A poem published by the American Library of Poetry, written by

Kathryn Larson, a student at CLA

In a seat beside the window, leaning on a feather pillow,

Gazing past the misted glass at dense fog in the air.

The bags and cases lay on racks, we seldom stopped, did not turn back,

And rumbled down the endless tracks, drawing many a' stare,

In that train that took me Nowhere.

The train I speak of rumbled still, the air brought on a nasty chill,

So as I waited silently, my fears began to grow ...

My thoughts and dreams began to wander, starting worriedly to ponder.

Thinking, "How much longer 'til I'm finally taken home?"

Seated in the train, alone.

Try as I might to recall, why I was even here at all,

This prolonged wait of misery made seconds seem to slow.

Time itself was stopped; unyielding, and I would soon take to feeling,

That this train my life was stealing, how I wish I'd known,

Still seated in the train, alone.

My fears eventually subsided, though some lingering doubt resided,

In the outskirts of those thoughts that chill me to the bone ...

And to this very day I wonder, why I was not torn asunder,

By those fears down under I so pointlessly condoned,

But I'm still sitting here, alone.

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