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Think the government has to educate your child? Think Again!

The federal government is becoming increasingly more adamant that they have more right to raise a person's child than the parents do. More stories continue to emerge where parents were not notified because the student's desire's trumped those of the parent. The interview below is only one example of this type of ideology.

At Christ's Legacy Academy, our mission statement is "We PARTNER WITH FAMILIES to classically educate students to think, live, and engage the world in a manner that consistently brings glory to God."

We believe "In Loco Parentis":

- The school has no ordained authority directly from God but only as that authority flows from parents.

- The Christian school is a “3-walled institution that cannot stand alone - it shares as its fourth wall the living room of the Christian home” (Jay Adams).

- Teachers who have been delegated this authority by parents stand “in the place of parents” and carry the responsibility and authority for those children who are in their care exactly as the parents would if they were present.

This means the morals and the values that you are teaching at home are the very same that we teach during their time in school when they are not physically with you. You can be assured that your authority is not being undermined. So, If you're not comfortable with the government claiming to have more rights to your children than you, may we suggest a viable alternative?

We would love to have you come and take a tour to see for yourself how a quality classical Christian education can benefit your family. To schedule a tour, simply call 423-649-0040 or you can email

Enrollment for the '24-'25 school year opens soon!

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