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Think Your Child Can't Be Challenged Academically? Think Again!

There is often a stigma about private Christian education that our curriculum isn't rigorous enough or that our students aren't challenged academically. CLA uses a classical methodology that allows students to memorize, digest, and apply difficult concepts in our curriculum at the appropriate developmental stage and succeed at all levels during their time here. Our school statistics speak for themselves:

1. Our students begin reading above grade level by the end of Kindergarten or 1st Grade. Many of our 1st graders consistently read 2nd and 3rd grade level books, including sections of scripture.

2. Our standardized test scores for 100% of our 7th and 8th grade students are average or above average. This means that by the time our students reach high school, they are prepared and ready to apply the concepts they've learned to difficult subjects and succeed.

3. Our 5 year average ACT score is 25.24 which shows a consistency in performance.

4. We have a 100% graduation rate with students earning a 3.6 GPA or above.

We would love to have you come and take a tour to see for yourself how a quality classical Christian education can benefit your family. To schedule a tour, simply call 423-649-0040 or you can email

Enrollment for the '24-'25 school year opens soon!

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