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A Devilish Worldview

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Why are people more likely to cuss in their living room than the church sanctuary? Why are people more likely to tell a dirty joke at work than in Sunday School? Why are people more likely to flip someone off while driving down the interstate instead of serving meals during a potluck?

The answer is simple and scary. We have embraced a worldview where we have separated secular and spiritual spaces, which means some things are off limits in some spaces and not in others. Embracing this sacred/secular split guarantees we live lives of hypocrisy.

I think Larry Osborn is right when he says, "The spiritual/sacred dichotomy is a devilish worldview. I mean that literally. If I were the enemy, I couldn't think of a better bargain. It gives God his dues in one area in exchange for keeping him out of everything else." (A Contrarian's Guide to Spirituality).

That is why, we at CLA are committed to fighting this devilish worldview. The name of Jesus is not off limits in our school because we want to give God his due in all places and at all times. That is, after all, what discipleship is, and it simply can't happen if Jesus' name is outlawed. Where he is off limits, a devilish worldview ensues.

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