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A Private School for the Public Good

Hope Academy in Minneapolis is a work of wonder by God in the inner city. We have learned much from them over the years. While we are not a school in the inner city, we do have some of the same problems. And we have a similar mission. Like them, we are a classical, Christian school. Like them, we are built on sacrificial generosity. Like them, we want to leave our communities better than we found them. Like them, we believe in excellence in education. Like them, we believe the gospel is the foundation for our mission. Like them, we believe partners rejoice to partner with us to make the education accessible to our neighbors. And like them, we believe the public school system is failing at this task.

Below is a video of their Head of School, Russ Gregg, as he explains the mission of Hope Academy.

Like Hope, we want to be a private school for the public good. Ask yourself what it means for us to love our neighbor here. Ask yourself what it means to build a better future.

I hope this encourages you as it has me.

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