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Think your opportunities will be limited? Think Again!

Hands on experience has always been known to be the best way to retain information and learn new concepts, because you have something to which you can connect new information. Because Christ's Legacy Academy is a small school with intimate class sizes, we have more freedom to incorporate those types of learning experiences into our school year. The amount of diverse learning opportunities we have means that our students can participate in more, not less, varied activities.

For example:

Field Trips - Each class has the opportunity to take several trips to local and not so local places, including landmarks, theaters, zoos, aquariums, historical sites, tours of businesses - we also regularly invite speakers from various fields and occupations, college representatives

Clubs - Culinary, Coding, Chess/Logic, FFA, Music Theory, Chapel Band, Musical, Spanish/Foreign Language Club, Art, Community Service, House System, National Honor's Society, Tutoring, Scholar's Bowl, Bible Drills, Books of the Bible Club

Celebrations - Lunar New Year, 100 Days of School, Dr. Seuss Day, Spirit Week, 12 Days of Christmas, Thanksgiving Program, Field Day, Fire Safety Day, FFA Week, Chapel Presentations

And there are so many more!

We would love to have you come and take a tour to see for yourself how a quality classical Christian education can benefit your family. To schedule a tour, simply call 423-649-0040 or you can email

Enrollment for the '24-'25 school year opens soon!

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